Hatsune Miku project diva F

I will finally have this game :D
after months of hoping for it to go down in rice a bit, it’s finally happened :’)
Also getting vib ribbon, which i can’t wit to try


I was looking at some XV screenshots earlier today, and I come across this picture of Stella/Luna:

I didn’t see anything in particular until:



do you mean the ring? or that white stuff near her thumb? seriously, what the hell is that? i just noticed it

Final fantasy 15 on tumblr

So i decide to look though some final fantasy 15 posts around here, to see pictures, and listen to peoples thoughts etc.
and how typical of tumblr , nothing but posts on the “sexist square enix” and no playable female characters, 9 out of 10 of the posts are about it, really shows the difference between reading on a gaming site, and anywhere else


so you know what final fantasy xv having only male playable characters means?

stella is going to be warped into some sort of plot device, damsel in distress, shell of what she possibly once was:


previous trailers gave us a CRAPLOAD of promise in regards to her. even if she wasn’t a party…


Okay, so I’m catching up with the news and….. from what I’m understanding, Stella and Luna are separate characters. Did they say anything else? Why is Luna sad? It’s like she’s not looking forward to seeing Noctis. Theories?!

Well, you can see her nodding, so it’s possible she’s giving the order for something she’s hesitant to do/ doesn’t really want to, that’s just ,my impession from it

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